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Bandoulière en cuir.

Bandoulière: 100% cuir.

Leather can change and darken with use and over time. The marks or stains that may appear are marks that will personalize your leather accessory.

We recommend reinforcing the protection of the leather with a waterproofing spray, following the instructions of the product you will use.

In case of a scratch, we recommend you to gently wipe the mark with a slightly damp cloth without rubbing. In most cases, the scratch will disappear.

If you get your leather accessory wet, dry it without rubbing as soon as possible. If water marks appear after drying, we advise you to gently wipe the marks with a slightly damp cloth without rubbing.

Avoid contact with hydroalcoholic solutions, cosmetics, perfume...
Protect the leather from humidity and direct heat sources.

If you have any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to write to us at

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