JOSEFINA was created in 2015 between Paris and Madrid . The designer wants to launch a new concept of evolving and multifaceted bags for the urban mum: leather handbag, or computer bag but above all an ultra-chic diaper bag that attaches to the stroller.


The brand is signed France Lamy Herbeau, a 35-year-old young woman like her bags: authentic and mischievous. After ten years in the cosmetics industry, there is urgency: France wants to reconnect with its creative spirit. As a young mother, she searches in vain for a bag that would be both a diaper bag, a handbag, a day bag, an evening bag… a bag that would be smart enough to adapt to all facets of her life.

Found on the market! France then created JOSEFINA in 2015. The concept is clear: imagine a line of bags tuned to real life . One foot in Madrid, another in Paris, France has its bags made in Spain and surrounds itself with the best craftsmen. Each model, 100% cowhide, is handmade... with patience and love.