Tiphaine Guiran – Josefina #31

Tiphaine Guiran – Josefina #31

Tiphaine worked as a model and fashion consultant in Paris. On a whim, she leaves the capital to settle in her native Provence. Her life is transformed in this pretty haven of peace when she finds her sewing machine and her fabrics, and creates her clothing brand. It offers artisanal and very colorful pieces that warm up a dressing room. At the beginning of 2021, she became the mother of a little Louise. Tiphaine is our Josefina of the month for September.

You are a model, and recently a clothing designer; can you tell us about your background?

On leaving modeling school in Paris, I first created a first clothing brand that I stopped to devote myself to modeling and styling for other brands for a few years. It was very formative, I was able to immerse myself in the environment and meet lots of very inspiring people. Only, for a while, I wanted to go back to live in the south where I grew up, and with the confinement and my pregnancy, it accelerated things, we took the plunge. We left on a whim, I hadn't planned to go up a mark, it came very organically, as evidence. I started making some prototypes, I posted them on my Instagram account and here we go!

How did you come up with the idea of ​​creating your own ready-to-wear line?

I already answered a little, it came very naturally, I got back behind the machines with fabrics that I had hunted and it went like that. I was pregnant and needed comfy but cool clothes, so I created some leopard print stretch pants and I haven't taken them out of my entire pregnancy. I also created top-pants sets because I had been looking for them for a long time without success. Little by little, I understood that I had something new to contribute and that there was a real enthusiasm around my creations, so I started full-time in the creation of the brand.

What kind of clothes do you design? What are your inspirations for your collections?

Comfort is really my guiding line, I can't stand super tight high waisted jeans anymore, and I love the cuts and drapes of activewear, loungewear and lingerie. I also like the male wardrobe, the oversized cuts, to break the tightness of lycras. I'm working on this whole more oversized part because, until now, I've only done very tight pieces. Last summer I was in Copenhagen, I really like the style there, it's a great inspiration. I just came back from a few days in Barcelona, ​​I also really like the style of the Spaniards too, and of the Italians. It's fresh, colorful, comfortable.

Can you describe a typical day in your daily life?

In the morning I drop off my daughter at the crèche, depending on the day I go to see the workshop that makes my pieces next to the house to launch new productions. Then I go to my studio which is in our garden. My days at the workshop are quite different every day, new prototypes, emails, site management, preparation of shootings, sending orders. For now I'm on my own to manage everything, it's very intense, but I'm going to surround myself in the months that follow to be able to grow the project. At noon I have lunch with my boyfriend who also works from home when he's not in Paris, and sometimes I impose myself a little time out to enjoy the nature around, or even have a beach day with friends during that my daughter is in nursery! In the evening we go for a walk, or have a drink with friends in the surrounding villages.

How would you describe your style? Do you have any fashion icons?

My style is quite changeable, it follows the evolution of my way of life, since I've been in the countryside for example, obviously I dress very differently than in Paris. Once again, I want comfortable pieces that remain fashionable. I like to mix prints, colors. I don't have any icons in particular but I collect a lot of stock images that inspire me, for example the Simplicitycity Instagram account has always inspired me for cuts and looks. Otherwise, I'm often super inspired by the looks of grandmothers on the street (laughs), I like their class while being comfortable, especially in Spain, they're incredible!

What were your favorite pieces during your pregnancy?

My Rosy Leopard stretch pants without hesitation, colorful vintage leggings that I had and my boyfriend's sweaters. Some long patterned dresses too.

You recently became a mother; how do you find your balance between your professional life and your family life?

Great question, I'm still looking for it! Especially since I launched my first collection when my daughter was 1 month old, so I did everything at the same time, it's very sporty. This summer, I slowed down the pace because I was completely drained, I really needed a rest. This month of September, it's the big recovery and I'm going to work on this balance.

What do you enjoy most about your role as a mom?

The incredible relationship I have with my daughter, she gives me so much strength and confidence, everything is possible since she's been here, it's crazy! Even if I'm very tired, she forces me to go straight to the point, not to go all over the place. I had a tendency to start a lot of things without finishing them, to change my mind all the time. A child helps you to live every moment in the present, to anchor yourself and no longer scatter.

Do you have any beauty tips for pregnant women?

Every evening take an hour for yourself, stretch, meditate, dance, put on cream, oils. I have never taken as much care as during my pregnancy, it is a magical moment for the relationship with your body.

Which Josefina did you choose? For what reasons ?

The Josefina Large Polka Dots in beige, I love it!! Too practical attached to the stroller and so beautiful, I love the print and the material, it really changes everything we're used to, the pastel colored quilted changing bag; it is very fashionable, very vintage too.

What's in your Josefina bag?

All my daughter Louisa's things, diapers, wipes, hat, toys, snacks etc.

Are there people who inspire you as a woman and a mother? For what reasons ?

I read Agnes B's biography, it was pretty crazy to see how much she accomplished when she had her twins. In another style Barbara Hepworth, also a sculptor; I don't know how many children she had anymore but I remember seeing videos of her sculpting in her workshop with all her children playing around, I found it incredible. Creating with children around has always been my vision of happiness. The fact that my daughter spent her first year playing with fabrics in my sewing studio fills me with joy, I can't wait to be able to continue creating with her!

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