Thaïs Tedaldi – Josefina #32

Thaïs Tedaldi – Josefina #32
Creative and passionate Thaïs has always felt the need to work visually. Ten years ago she left Nice, her hometown, and moved to Paris where she began her professional career in communication, working for various fashion brands. Social media expert and content creator, Thaïs is passionate about aesthetics and image. She shares through her content, the beauty of life, letting herself be guided by her dreams and everything that inspires her. Thaïs recently became a mother to little Félix and is our Josefina of the month for October.

Thaïs, your Instagram account is very solar, where do you find your inspiration?

I like to find the "beautiful" in all the pleasures of life: a good meal, a vacation in the South, a romantic walk, the decoration of my home... I improvise myself as a photographer, I let my visual language express itself , my creativity. I admire those who use this platform to convey strong and important messages. For my part, at my small level, I share my life, in prettier. If you like it, so much the better, but above all it's my way of creating my “diary”.

Can you tell us a bit about your background?

I was born and raised in Nice. I have always felt the need to work in a creative, visual environment. I arrived in Paris ten years ago, and I did a series of internships in image and communication at Agnès b, The Kooples, Lanvin... I was then hired at Tara Jarmon then at Aime as Content Manager and social networks. The opportunity for me to develop my passion for the image while adapting the content to the evolution of digital. Follow the trends of the different platforms, new formats, consumer expectations. I love what I do, it's a constant challenge.

What is your typical day as a Communications Manager?

It's very varied! The basic idea is to fully immerse myself in the universe of the brand and to create an image strategy around a DNA defined upstream. I have to respect a strong and coherent guideline through quality content and by creating a community of ambassadors (influencers, personalities, content creators) who speak to a very specific target. I take care of the production and AD of shootings, I establish content needs for social networks, I create partnerships for influence, etc. And it's important to surround myself with a competent team that has the same vision and the same artistic sensibility as me.

You are a mother recently; did your dress style change during your pregnancy?

I was pregnant for the whole summer period so it was pretty easy to get dressed but I only wore dresses when I almost never wear them. I can't wait to get into my jeans again!

How did you take care of yourself during your pregnancy (nutrition, sport, etc.)?

If it can make some people feel guilty, I didn't play sports at all, and I enjoyed myself throughout my pregnancy (hello sugar cravings!!). On the cosmetic side, I used Talm products (special mention for the balm and the oil) and the Rudolph Care oil with acai, which is magical. And I didn't get a stretch mark 🤓

On the other hand, I will start sports lessons with a coach and lymphatic drainage to get back in shape.

You regularly share your favorite skincare products on your Instagram account; do you have any beauty tips for pregnant women?

Despite my passion for cosmetics, I will say one word: rest! Sleep a lot, feel guilty, it's time to take time to do nothing. And it feels CRAZY!

Ps: Ah and sunscreen of course! For me it was La Roche Posay and Darphin.

Which Josefina did you choose? For what reasons ?

The large Black, a timeless classic, the size is perfect, the leather is magnificent, and I had my initials TT engraved on it. My lover has the same initials as me, so no excuses, I'm sharing this bag with him!

What's in your Josefina?

I've always admired girls who had tissues in their bag. For me, it's a mom thing. So it's one of the first things I bought during my pregnancy 😂 . In the end I never use them but I feel like an adult and responsible if I have some in my bag.

Otherwise the classic paraphernalia of the young mother (photo below), but I am not a model. I do my best!

Who are your fashion icons?

All women who assume their style without drawing too much inspiration from others. With this era of influence, it can quickly be difficult to be authentic and have your own style. I have a little trouble with this idea of ​​fashion "icons", especially on the side of celebrities who, for the most part, are dressed by stylists and do not choose their looks themselves.

Who are the people who inspire you as a mother?

My friends who are already moms: Pauline, Aimée, Maëva, Cécile, Margot, Julianne, Quitterie, Lisa… and my mom of course…


Photo Credit: @alexsocks

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