Her deep knowledge in nature, plants and even cosmos resources, allowed Synmia Rosine to discover in medicinal herbs a new way to heal herself and the others.

Perfectly embodying the divine feminine concept, Rosine is a woman full of inspiration, intuition and sensuality.

Passionate of meditation and vintage clothes, our Californian mom living in the mountain of Topanga is the Josefina of the month.

How did you start working as Herbalist?

I started my herbal journey as a personal thing a long time ago. I was diagnosed with all sorts of mental/ emotional illnesses and my mind, body, skin, personal life, sexual drive, (the list goes on).. did not react well with the medication my doctors were loosely prescribing me. So I detoxed and transitioned into taking medicinal herbs, changed my diet and began to practice meditation. Thats when everything changed and opened up for me to pursue herbalist.

What do you love most about your work?

Reconnecting people with themselves as facilitators of their own healing & growth. Reconnecting people with nature on a different level than they are used to.

Where do you find your inspiration?

I am most inspired in my meditative state and out in nature.

What is your definition of femininity?

Femininity or the Divine Feminine is an energy. For me it has nothing to do with gender but has everything to do with the energetic responsibility the feminine essence holds. The Feminine is the Yin, the Nurse. Femininity is a call to compassion, emotional empathy and complete selflessness. Femininity is bearing the pain to transform it into joy. It breathes life in the masculine order, and gives imagination to our consciousness. I could write a book on the Divine Feminine.

How would you describe your style?

Uniform. Classic. Laid back. I am a kind of connoisseur of vintage clothing. I love a good trouser, a classic pattern, a silky button up. I am constantly traveling or foraging plants, or in the garden so a nice soft vintage tee, my Levis or wranglers, and some boots is my goto look the majority of the time.

Synmia, you just became a mum for the second time, how do you manage to balance motherhood with your work, your partner and friends?

Meditation. Movement. And muttering mantras/ affirmations to myself. I think self love is most important, if you want to successfully balance all the elements of your life. Motherhood & the Self included. Im realizing that keeping up with myself, my health and my rituals, help me organize my life so that im showing up in a positive and engaged way with my kids, my partner, my work and my social life.

What do you like the most about being a mother?

I get to give the deepest kind of love, a mothers love. In return I get to experience what it feels like to receive unconditional, pure-love and admiration from my children.

How did pregnancy affect your style? How did you dress? Do you have any tip?

By 2/3 months I couldn't fit into any of my clothes. Luckily for me, my partner and I have the same style so I just wore his trousers for my entire pregnancy. At first I needed a belt, until eventually I didn't. Papas pants & flowing dresses were my closest allies. I was my biggest during the middle of summer, that's when I transitioned into wearing dresses. It was only thing I could wear to stay cool, next to nothing 🙂

What are your favorite spots in LA?

We live in the mountains, so whenever we are in the city, I'm either in east la eating or on the west side surfing & camping out on the beach in our mini 70's bell camper. You have to keep it simple in LA to beat the traffic.

What place would you recommend for a child-friendly vacation?

I recommend traveling with your children everywhere. As long as it is safe, exposing your children to different cultures and environments, authentic foods and nature, I believe, is extremely important in cultivating a well rounded, open minded younger generation. Exposing your children to culture, expands their awareness. So far we have taken our daughter all throughout Thailand and camping around the states. We are looking forward to traveling with the whole tribe next year!

Which JOSEFINA do you have and why did you choose it?

I chose the backpack because I am literally always on the go. And with two toddlers now, I need my hands free. The Bowling bag I am excited to use for our upcoming trips! We travel so often and its the perfect size for carry on to fit both mine and my bambinos essentials.

What does your JOSEFINA bag contain? Do you use it more for work or baby items?

I love JOSEFINA's versatility so I use them for both the children and I. I am a minimalist so I carry the same items with me where ever I go: my notebook, a reading book, my film camera, Tourmaline, lip tint, and my knitting. For the kids i'll bring nappies, wipes, one towel and their favorite item/ toy they are keen. Keeping it minimal is key. I love how everything fits in my JOSEFINA bag in an organized, easily accessible fashion 🙂 Its the little things that makes a mums day to day easier.

Who inspires you as a mum? In what way?

I draw inspiration from the femininity in others around me, especially witnessing the devotion of a mothers love. More recently, Ive started to inspire myself as a Mother. My focus shifted from focusing on outside influences to trusting and empowering myself to love, nurture and cultivate the awareness of my children, in mind and in heart.