Marie Pidancet - Josefina #36

Marie Pidancet - Josefina #36

Marie is the founder and artistic director of Louise Misha, the French home and fashion brand for women and children in a bohemian chic and vintage style which has just celebrated its 10th anniversary.

Passionate and inspired by her long travels and the folklore of the countries she visits, Marie has created a bohemian and poetic universe with handcrafted pieces made from ecological materials and unique prints in a timeless style. Marie is a mother of two children.

You have founded your own brand for children, beautiful and bohemian. Can you tell us about your background and the story of Louise Misha?

After starting a career in fashion design, in 2012 I teamed up with a friend, Aurélie Remetter, to create Louise Misha, born from the contraction of “Louise”, (my great-grandmother), and “Misha”, (nickname of my partner's mother). A name that anchors transmission in the brand's DNA from the start. Driven by the desire to bring poetry into our nieces' wardrobes, we first launched clothes for little girls.

The brand quickly became very popular! Organic growth allows us to maintain our economic independence while continuing to develop the collections over the years. In 2017, my first partner left the adventure and I joined forces with Claire Moulin, a childhood friend who took over the general management of Louise Misha.

We just celebrated our 10th anniversary! Louise Misha is now a fashion and home brand for women and children. It is distributed through 400 resellers all over the world and on our eshop.

You have a very colorful collection. Where do you find your inspiration?

My inspirations come from just about everywhere: painting, cinema, vintage pieces… But travel in particular is a great source of inspiration, I can't live without it. I travel a lot and obviously I am inspired by what I discover in the clothes I design. I have a great passion for local traditions, crafts and folklore. Fashion trends are often meaningless to me. When I start working on a new collection, I always want to tell a story, a journey. My collections are thus very personal and very intimate.

How would you define your style? Do you have any fashion advice for pregnant women?

Comfortable, feminine and cheerful. I like to feel good in my clothes, especially since I became a mother.

I spent my pregnancy wearing Louise Misha pajama bottoms! They are comfortable and the loose volume allows you to pass the belly by wearing them high waisted. And above all, apart from the connoisseurs of the brand, no one realizes that you are in your pajamas ;-)

What do you like the most about being a mother of 2 children?

They are 9 years apart. My second was therefore eagerly awaited by my eldest! His arrival is an immense happiness!

The rhythm is of course intense because I have a very busy professional life but we managed to find our rhythm. The age difference makes it quite easy for Eziah, my youngest, to arrive because his big brother also takes care of him.

Who inspires you as a mom?

I observe a lot of other entrepreneurial moms. How they manage to reconcile everything. But for this second maternity I am more attentive to my baby and myself, I take less outside advice. I trust us.

What are your favorite places in Paris?

La Maison du Mochis: my sweet passion of the moment.

The Gustave Moreau Museum: my childhood memories.

Amendula Café: for vegan cookies and hot chocolates.

The Aligre market: MY Parisian habit.

Which Josefina did you choose? For what reasons ?

I took the Josefina Large to store all my mess! It has plenty of pockets and the volume is perfect!

What's in your Josefina?

Everything you need for my 10-month-old son, Eziah (bottle, nappies, etc.) because I often have him with me at the office and my Louise Misha research notebooks!

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