Katie Durko - Josefina #34

Katie Durko - Josefina #34

Talented entrepreneur, co-founder of the successful digital marketing agency The Edit, Katie Durko started her career as PR in the fashion industry in NYC. After spending two unforgettable years in the city, she moves back to her hometown of Southern California and join her childhood best friend to launch their business. Equally committed to her profession as she is to her beautiful family, Katie is the chic mum of little Ryland. She is the Josefina of our December Issue.

What is your favorite memory from your time working in fashion?

I have such vivid memories of being 22 in NYC, working in the fashion closet at Burberry and pulling items for editorial send outs. Two of my co-workers and I would blast music and spend hours checking in and out clothing (sometimes even trying the pieces on ourselves) – we had so many laughs in there. After work, most nights we would go out and network with stylists and editors at whatever restaurant / bar was hot at that time. I ran on very little sleep during my NYC fashion days and loved every minute of it.

You co-founded The Edit; what is the goal of this agency?

The Edit is a female-founded, female-run creative social media agency that builds lifestyle, beauty, celebrity & fashion brands and personalities into trending and relevant household names. We work with everyone from the Kardashians to Millie Bobby Brown to Disney.

We've been doing this a long time. We know what incentivizes shoppers, what inspires consumers to tap that heart button, what influences millennials. We specialize in creating that can't-miss content, writing those why-didn't-I-come-up-with-that taglines, and conceptualizing those witty and trending hashtags. Our clients reach 100 million people per day on Instagram alone, and nearly 200 million consumers per day across platforms.

What do you like the most about your job?

The clients I work with and the team my co-founder and I have cultivated. When building The Edit, we wanted to be different. We wanted to create an environment where our team could truly blossom in their careers, without the sometimes stuffy, constraining nature of the corporate world. We wanted to create an agency that thrives on teamwork, support, and friendship.

The Edit thrives by bringing that BFF approachability and trust to our clients. We're in it for more than just the 'gram (though we're really good at that). We're in it for the rush of launching a campaign that gets to 1 million followers in the first 24 hours, for the thrill of an event that gets covered by every major media outlet, and for the butterflies of an instantly sold-out collab .

You are the mom of a beautiful 2 years old, a wife, a working girl... how do you succeed to find your balance with everything?

I've been a business owner for over six years and a mom for 2 — But I don't struggle with mom guilt or balancing the two. There's a perception that moms won't work as hard as other people. That they're not as dedicated or driven after they have kids. But I give 100% to my business and 100% to my son. No exceptions. No guilt.

I don't feel guilty for blocking off time with my son, and I don't feel guilty for blocking off time to grow The Edit. And I feel just as proud of each part of my life. It's that simple. Sure, learning to manage my time when I first became a mom wasn't easy. But once I learned how to set

boundaries and organize my attention, I was able to give my all in each area. You don't have to choose between being a good mom and a good business owner. You can just be both.

How did you style during your pregnancy? Do you have some tips for the moms to be?

I was pregnant with Ryland during the peak of the pandemic, so my style consisted mainly of sweat sets, oversized t-shirts and bike shorts. I like to think I was channeling my inner Princess Diana during that period. If I was pregnant now, I would style my bump a little differently and lean more into fashion v. comfort.

Tip: You don't have to sacrifice your style just because you are pregnant. Have fun with it.

How did you take care of yourself during your pregnancy (nutrition, sport, skincare...)?

Because I was pregnant during lock down, I had to get creative with my workout routines. I purchased an at-home mini reformer, tuned into pilates and dance classes online and most every day took a 4-5 mile walk.

Could you share your beauty secrets for pregnant women?

For your face, I recommend using a good facial cleanser, vitamin C serum, a moisturizing cream and a facial oil (all organic, of course). And always always always wear sunscreen! My melasma was out of control during my third trimester.

What do you like the most about motherhood?

Being a mom is the most rewarding, yet most challenging, thing I've ever done, or will ever do. Although my sanity is questioned at times, I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. Some highlights:

Finding joy in the simple things, having a new perspective on the concept of time, feeling humbled and staying grounded, cuddling every morning, reading children's books every night, watching Ryland learn and viewing the world through his eyes.

Who inspires you as a mom and how?

My mom. In 2018, I found out my mom had stage 4 lung cancer. My mom was my biggest cheerleader and my best friend. I'd looked up to her my whole life, not only for being an incredible single mother but for her work ethic and career achievements, too. She was my role model. When she got sick, our roles flipped. I became her caregiver, her role model. I wanted to be someone she could look up to. But even through it all, my mom never stopped supporting me or my dreams.

She passed in February of 2020 – just a few months after I found out I was pregnant with Ryland. During the last months of her life, I learned many things. I learned to be fully present where I'm at. I learned that work will always be there — your loved ones won't. And I learned

that my mom believed in me more than I ever could. I owe all of my success (both personal and professional) to her.

We can see on your Instagram (@Katie) that you're traveling a lot; what is your favorite kid-friendly vacation destination?

Kauai, Hawaii. Specifically, the North Shore. I grew up going there with my family and introduced the magic of the island to my Australian husband, Adrian, when we first started dating in 2015. Flash forward to 2018, we got married in Hanalei Bay and have been back every year since.

Which Josefina bag did you choose and why?

The Tote Bag in black. Not only is it chic in style, but it is versatile and practical. I like that you can carry it 4 different ways. Even the inside of the bag lends itself to maximum organization with all of its compartments. The Virgo in me loves anything that helps keep me organized on the go.

What's always in your Josefina?

Coterie Pull Ups & Wipes for Ryland, Elta MD Tinted Sunscreen,
Bottega Veneta cat eye sunglasses, Rhode Peptide Lip Treatment, Necessaire Hand Cream,n
Emi Jay Hair Clip.

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