Jill Bauwens - Josefina Muse #37

Jill Bauwens - Josefina Muse #37

International model from an early age, Jill gradually shifted careers and became a co-creative director forming a stylish duo with her sister Steffy.

Jill has recently launched her own online fashion brand named The Irish Twin. This promising Paris-based label, inspired by the 90s, offers an artisanal production of retro chic dresses and a line of eclectic handmade accessories.

She is the mum of Norma and Zelda.

You started your career as an international model and then you became an established stylist. Could you please tell us more about your background and story?

I grew up in Belgium, Antwerp before I moved to New York at 17y, where I became a professional model for several years. My sister moved in with me 5y later, after graduating from Institute Marangoni in Paris. This is when my career shifted and we started working as a creative duo. We worked together at Maje, Olivier Theyskens and The Kooples where we acted as Creative directors for 5 years.

You just launched your own fashion brand, The Irish Twin. What is the inspiration behind your creations?

I have always wanted to start my own business. When I was pregnant with my second daughter that desire became stronger and I decided to follow my intuition and take the leap. It all started as a moodboard for life, my desires and passions.

Do you have any fashion icons?

The 80s and 90s are a big inspiration for me, especially Yves Saint Laurent.

How did you take care of yourself during pregnancy (nutrition, workout…)?

My first pregnancy was very complicated because I was on bedrest at 22 weeks, so definitely not working out at all. For my second, I had better luck and was able to do some light prenatal pilates after the 3 rd I was craving olives and spaghetti Bolognese both times.

How would you define your style? Do you have any fashion tips for women during pregnancy?

I love my go to daytime uniform which is vintage Levis (I have quite a collection ) with an oversized cashmere sweater and a nice coat or blazer, no makeup. At night, I love to dress up, whether I host a dinner party at home or go out for dinner. I didn't change my style during my pregnancy and never bought pregnancy clothes.

What do you like the most about being a mother?

I love being called “mamma”, watching something you created grow up, develop their character and become their own little person. The love you develop for your babies is infinite and nothing can stand in its way.

Who inspires you as a mum?

My biggest inspiration, my role model, my mother.

Which are your favorite spots in Paris?

I lived for several years with my family in Saint Germain and absolutely love this neighborhood. The little grocery shops and restaurants on rue du Bac are so unique and charming, there is nothing like it. My favorite restaurant would be Le Voltaire. The finest French brasserie and their kindness is legendary. 

My favourite vintage shopping addresses in Paris are Pretty Box on rue Saintonge and Les Puces de St Ouen. I also love the vintage shops in New York.

Which Josefina model did you choose and why?

I am obsessed with my Josefina (M). It reminds me of The Sofia Coppola, an old Louis Vuitton bag I used to have, which has the perfect size for the most functional everyday bag.

What's in your Josefina?

Too many things!! Wallet, earphones, sunglasses, lip balm, my note book and pen, gum, some small toys of my latest daughter Zelda, laptop, grethers originals…

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