Cisco Tschurtschenthaler - Josefina Muse #42

Cisco Tschurtschenthaler - Josefina Muse #42

Born and raised in Germany but based in Bali and now in Australia, Cisco Tschurtschenthaler is an international acclaimed model since the age of sixteen.

She then became an entrepreneur when she and her husband George decided to turn their dream island home in Bali into a sustainable boutique hotel, The Slow.

Living back in Australia, Cisco and George, surf lovers, are about to open Sea Sea, a 70s inspired surf-club hotel in Crescent Head that offers a unique and complete experience focused on surf, art, design, food and music.

Cisco is the mother of two young boys.

You were born in Germany and started your career as an international model. How do you remember your time working in fashion?
I started modelling when I was 16 years old, still going to school and living in Munich with my three sisters and parents. My mum never allowed me to miss any tests in school but she supported my carrier. Modelling was fun back in the day, working with amazing photographers, slipping into different roles on photoshoots, it almost  felt like acting a little bit … this is all before IG came along and social media. It felt much more authentic back than, like creating art together.  When I look back it was a fun (not always) big memorable experience. 


Then you moved to Bali and became an entrepreneur as since 2016 you are the co-owner of The Slow hotel in Canggu. Can you tell us more about your story and why you and your husband chose the island of Bali for this project?
My husband George and myself were traveling to Bali for a bit and then we decided to build our first house there. We bought more land and wanted to design our dream home with the help of my dad who is an architect. Work called us both to live in NYC for a little while and when we returned to Bali after 18 months, Bali had developed so much that we decided to turn our dream island home into an island stay and that was the birth of The Slow. 
Since then we have now parted ways from The Slow and moved back to Byron Bay. Life here is so great for the kids and we are opening our new venue (SEA SEA SURFCLUB)  later in the year in Crescent Head. 

You have also founded your own homeware brand, Cisco & the Sun, an online store of handcrafted pieces from Bali and Cambodia. How did you come up with the idea of launching a line of artisan-made tableware and ceramics.
When we were curating the table wear for our hotel I couldn’t find any pieces that I loved and so I decided to create my own. Once we opened the request of purchasing the table wear was so big, that I decided to sell it and make a bussiness out of it. Upon my return in Australia I decided to sell my beautiful business because I wanted more time to focus on my family and of course gear up for the new surfclub which requires all of our attention right now. We have some exciting new things in the pipeline so stay tuned.

Where do you find your creativity?
I guess my creativity comes to me when I feel relaxed and have a moment to be still without the noise of the reality of running a household and having two young boys.
How did you take care of yourself during pregnancy ?
During pregnancy my best advice would be to listen to your body and not stress about maybe not working out enough and all that stuff. It’s such a precious time and I really enjoyed just being a bit lazy and relaxed about my work out routine. Luckily we were in Bali during both my pregnancies and I loved getting weekly massages, home cooked meals and long sleeps ins. 

How would you define your style? Do you have any fashion tips for women during pregnancy?
My tip for any pregnant woman would be to buy maternity clothes. Nothing is more frustrating than not fitting into your old clothes or trying to but it’s uncomfortable. I bought myself a cool maternity pair of frame jeans and I loved wearing them. You feel normal. These days there are so many cool brands out there, I love what Nicole is doing with Bumpsuit. Nagnata is a Great Australian brand that does beautiful work out gear and ready to wear - suitable for all sizes. I lived in my Nag shorts and tops, perfect for breastfeeding. Living 10 years + in Bali I would define my style as relaxed beach style. I do enjoy dressing up  when going to dinner or a party. I love 3 piece suits (matteau) and crochet mini dresses (all that remains). Most of the time I’m chasing behind two boys though, so comfort is key.

Which Josefina model did you choose and why?
I have a big Josefina in black which was so practical when my kids were smaller and I was breastfeeding and had to carry so many things around with me (changing Matt and bottles, wipes and toys). Now I have chosen the medium size because both my boys are out of nappies and I have to carry a lot less stuff. it is so practical to carry my computer when I go to a meeting. I love the option of  the long strap. It’s really such a well designed bag.

What’s in your Josefina?
My computer, water bottle, phone, pen & dairy, small toy cars, wipes, lip balm, snacks for my kids & I.
What do you like the most about being a mother?
Being a mother is a huge undertaking hahahah. I love the love I get from my kids, the cuddles and smiles. Even though it is the most challenging thing I have ever done, it is also the most rewarding. Time flies so I try to soak up all this special time.
What do you think is the biggest challenge as a mum?
Dealing with emotions and trying to do too many things and not loose your mind.

Who inspires you as a mum?
My mother and my girlfriends. I have 3 sisters and my mum is a powerhouse. She never complained and just did it all. My parents were very loving and they put us first and that was special growing up. We always did cool adventures together. 
I also have a beautiful community of girl friends, who are all mums and they are so cool. We support each other and also can be vulnerable together. Things are not always rosey and in low moments it’s so nice to have someone who can hold space or just have a glass of wine with and hug & hopefully laugh about it. 

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