Allie Rizzo - Josefina Muse #39

Allie Rizzo - Josefina Muse #39

Born in Canada and raised in the US, Allie Rizzo started her successful fashion modeling career at the early age of fifteen.

Committed animal advocate, she is the founder of Mother of Dogs, a platform created to raise awareness around shelter dogs and provide information about the issues with animal-breeding.

International model, animal rights activist, influencer and above all mother, Allie recently gave birth to her second child.

You were born in Canada but moved to New York City to begin your modeling career; can you tell us a bit more about your path?

I was born in Canada and my family moved to Virginia when I was 4 so that's where I grew up and consider home. When I was 15 I was scouted at LaGuardia airport in NY and signed with Wilhelmina shortly after. I was modeling a lot my final years of high school so when I graduated I immediately moved to the city full time.

What do you like the most about modeling?

It gave me the opportunity to live and work all over the world. By 20 I had lived in Paris, Milan, London, and Australia so it was an incredible opportunity and a very unique experience.

What is your favorite memory from a fashion show?

Shows were so exciting and nerve wracking. I have great memories from the DVF shows..I worked a lot for Diane and the team during my early years so the shows really felt like a family affair.

Do you have any fashion icons?

Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy had just timeless simple, chic, casual style.

You have created Mother of Dogs, a platform devoted to raising awareness around shelter dogs and helping them get rescued; why did you start this battle?

I bought a puppy and discovered she was from a puppy mill and saw how awful American breeding is to animals. I was upset that I supported it and after that we rescued our next dog and we fell in the love with the rescue community and wanted to raise awareness for all the other dogs we couldn't personally take home.

You are the mom of a 4 years old, a mum to be, a wife, an animal advocate, an international model… how do you succeed to find your balance with everything?

Balance is hard and my priority is motherhood so I give myself a lot of Grace to put other things on hold and just focus and prioritize that. It's also such a privilege that I am able to do that.

What are your favorite fashion items during your pregnancy? Do you have some tips for the moms to be?

This pregnancy has been during summer and in the heat my go to is simple light dresses. Comfort is my only priority and staying cool. I use hatch sunscreen daily to help with pregnancy melasma. Susanne Kaufmann skincare has been really nice on my skin which became more sensitive skin this pregnancy.

How do you take care of yourself during your pregnancy?

I was not allowed to workout this pregnancy so I did lots of walks. The first trimester I am always very sick and can only eat plain foods but after that I try to be balanced. I felt amazing in my second trimester and we took a trip to Italy. We walked miles a day and ate incredible meals and I really felt at my best being out and walking most of the day.

Could you share your beauty secrets for pregnant women?

Find gentle products at are easy on your skin and a routine that makes you feel the best and stick with it.

What do you like the most about being a mother?

Watching Henry grow and develop is so crazy and cool. I have loved all the different stages so far.

Which Josefina bag did you choose and why?

Large beige polka dots. It's such a pretty bag but also cool and doesn't look like a mommy bag it feels very versatile. The layout makes it the most practical mama bag.

What's always in your Josefina?

My bag comes to hospital with me so it will have newborn clothes, paci, wipes, diapers, creams, bottles and all the rest. Those items keep being restocked over and over :)

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