Théa Ros - Josefina Muse #41

Théa Ros - Josefina Muse #41

Théa Ros is a successful international model who has become a talented artist as she found her true vocation in painting and art.

After graduating from art school in Moscow, she moved to Paris where she now lives with her husband and their firstborn.

Théa is the beautiful mum of sweet baby girl Leeloo.

Théa, you’re an international model; what do you like the most about your job?

I think what I like most of all is to communicate with people. When I see new people I am very pleased to find out what they do, how they live. In return, I like to talk about my life because I am very happy.

You also are a painter; where do you find your inspiration?

Yes, it's true, I'm an artist. I've been painting professionally for over 10 years. During this time, my school Stroganov Moscow State University taught various arts, starting from clay and pencil and ending with an icon with gold leaf and exact copying of the technique of such masters as Rembrandt, Caravaggio, Bouguereau. Most of my paintings are painted in the classical traditional style of the 16th-18th century, I think in our time there are not enough paintings like in the Louvre or Uffizi Museums, and so I sometimes make copies to practice but I also have my work.
I often go to historical buildings. My life is very closely connected with art. At the moment, I am engaged in the restoration of my best and lifelong object Chateau des singes. There will be frescoes on the ceilings and paintings on wooden panels. I am inspired by (Féau Boiseries) and of course, a lot of oil paintings on the mur for decoration, so for now I have a lot of unrealised scenes, faces, nature that I would like to paint.

Can you tell us a bit more about your background and journey?

After graduating from my university, I moved to live in Paris, as my husband lives here. I wanted to continue my studies at the Beaux-Arts de Paris, but after meeting with the commission, they told me that I paint better than some teachers and I would be bored studying here. But I don’t think like this; I don’t even exhibit my works anywhere because I’m not at all sure about them, I don’t think they are beautiful enough. And then I got pregnant and there was no time at all, since I was very carefully preparing for childbirth.


You recently became a mom; how did you take care of yourself during pregnancy (nutrition, sport, mindset…)?

I was lucky to have my baby at 22 years old and I hope I will have more. The birthday of Leeloo was the best day of my life, although many consider it torment and suffering, which just wasn’t in my case, and I think my birth was so easy thanks to the fact that I started preparing from the 2nd month of pregnancy.
At 12 at the night, I arrived at the hospital, and at 3am she was already (3650g) in my arms. It was a dream birth, the midwives said. I didn’t have any anesthesia and didn’t even have time to do any medical intervention, which is exactly what I planned. On the way to the hospital, I 
thought that they would send me back home. In my head, I imagined childbirth in two days, because the sensations were very weak and I could calmly control the waves; 7cm was said upon arrival at the hospital. I felt the connection and helped the baby to meet me sooner, and for this the most important secret is to help her move, because she moves during contractions, which is why you need to breathe and not pinch. During my pregnancy, I followed a special diet that relaxes and makes the muscles of the uterus less rigid, I also took courses of hypnoanesthesia, and did 5 sessions of acupuncture.

Did pregnancy change your way of dressing?
No, I don't have one style. I like variety but I try to dress more youthful and rock and roll, because in my old age I prefer elegant style of clothes than torn Balenciaga.



Do you have any fashion icon?

One of them is Kate Moss, her casual style, which combines the spirit of the hippie, the rejection of the bourgeois rules of decency and decorative prettiness.  For example, an evening dress with a leather jacket, jeans with heels, oversized sweaters and boyfriend jeans.  I like it when things sit relaxed, when the hair is slightly disheveled, and from makeup - only eyeliner.  And I love jeans a lot, and denim with something more sophisticated, like a shiny or velvet jacket, and this is one of the main parts of my wardrobe, Kate is very good at wearing denim clothes.

I also like Bella Hadid because she knows how to combine different vintage things from different years There is something unique in her style, bold combinations, unusual and combining completely different directions.

What are the values that you would like to pass down as a mother?
I would like to talk about the value of spending time with family;  daily classes;  relationship;  honesty;  perseverance.  In my opinion, these are some of the most important values ​​that a family and especially the most powerful person in the world, a mother, should pass on.
Which Josefina bag did you choose and why?
I chose this bag because its design is very simple which I like and of course the main reason is that it is a timeless classic.  It will serve me for a long time not only in style but also in quality as it is made of unique durable leather, and its texture and khaki color is one of my favorite colors.
What's always in your Josefina?

I always have a notebook for learning French, of course sunglasses, contact lenses just in case, hand cream.  At the moment, I always have a teether, a pacifier, an apron and clothes for the baby.


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