London native, Quentin Jones (@quentin_jones) is a woman of many layers.  From her mix- media art to mommy duty, Jones has a lot on her mind. Her untraditional way of creating her vision, combining a bunch of ideas together, has made her into the amazingly talented artist she is today. Her schooling at Cambridge pushed her in the right direction building her confidence and skills in illustration. The passion to be different and exciting shows in all her artwork. She associates food with love and shares her travel and experiences with her child as much as she can. Balancing motherhood and adding another notch under her belt in the near future, Quentin is lucky to have such great help at home.  Quentin is the mother of Grey and she is the JOSEFINA of our June issue!

Quentin, tell us about your work as a mix-media artist.

I work on fashion images and films full time from a studio around the corner from my house. But like any freelancer full-time either means double time or not every day depending on what projects I have on. Just by chance I have always worked in fashion. I am trying to break away a bit now. I usually throw lots of ideas together and make mood boards, sketch ideas, get very angry if people don’t agree with my vision, then take a day out to cool down and usually end up agreeing with them!
I get inspired by fine art, painters usually. Favorites are Kitaj and Marlene Dumas.

Tell us about your journey to where you are now as an artist.

I am often asked how studying philosophy for 3 years before starting an MA in illustration impacts on my creative process. I am not sure I ever have a very interesting answer- I suppose the response people want is that it adds a certain depth to my thought process, or a logical way of breaking down a creative brief. But what I know is true is that starting an arts MA from an academic background made me feel wildly out of my depth. You have two choices of what to do when you feel like you are behind your peers- try to catch up or replicate the sort of things they are doing, or take risks. So I started to go against the grain a bit and work in a sort of slapdash way, tearing images and splatting paint. At the time the trend was for careful illustration, with lots of details and so on. So I guess I developed into who I am as an artist because of all of this.


Can you tell us more about it and where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Having a baby made me think about this all a lot. I am hoping to move into narrative film making more in the next few months. 

What do you like the most about being a mother? How do you manage to balance motherhood with work and personal life? 

I love feeding Grey. I think I have always associated food with love. As well as all the obvious things. I have a great nanny which is the most important thing. Otherwise I wouldn’t feel comfortable going back to work. Likewise I have a great babysitter for when I go out at night, and my mum helps a lot. It’s all about the back up!


How did pregnancy affect in your style? Did you have ‘key’ pieces while expecting?

Yes of course because you double in size- I lived in kaftan type dresses and shorts and men’s shirts. And I had to wear really big flat sandals because my feet got so swollen.

What is your favorite plan to do with Grey in town? 

We love going to Granger, they are really child friendly. I love the yellow fish curry and cocktails. I love taking him for walks, taking him swimming, and giving him tastes of new flavors when I am eating out.

Do you have any child friendly vacation plans you recommend?

For holidays he has been to the Maldives, Menorca, and this weekend Ibiza. It is difficult on the flights, but once you are there being on a lazy holiday is perfect with a baby. You just need the right kit and toys!

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What does your JOSEFINA bag contain?

It is such a cool idea, the outside is really simple and chic and inside is stuffed with nappies, bottles, wipes and his music box.

Do you have any inspiring mum? and why?

I am the first of my friend’s to have a baby, so I will have to say my mum. She was always home cooking for us every night, and fighting our corner at school. I hope I can be there for Grey as much.