Mafalda Kahane - Josefina Muse #38

Mafalda Kahane - Josefina Muse #38

Mafalda is a curator, video and creative director based in Vienna. She is the co-founder of Triadic, a creative house focused on cross-disciplinary arts.

She has also recently been working on Format, an annual music, art and technology festival where these three facets coexist integrated in a unique concept. Talented multifaceted artist, Mafalda is the mother of two little girls, Ava and Lita.

Mafalda, can you tell us a bit more about your professional background and career?

In 2019 I co-founded the creative house TRIADIC along with my two partners- Lizzie Edelman and Roya Sachs. We specialise in unprecedented cross-disciplinary collaborations and events outside of the usual white-cube setting. Our aim is to create audience connection through one of a kind, collective experiences.

Most recently we’ve been working on FORMAT- a festival that combines music, art and technology. It’s an annual 3-day event which we are curating and co-producing with Live Nation. The festival celebrated its premiere this September 2022. Fun fact: I had my Josefina Bag and 3 month old baby Lita with me in the US during this time.

What do you like the most about your work?

My work is very multifaceted and I get to wear a lot of different hats depending on the project, which keeps it exciting and challenging at all times. My scope ranges from creative consulting and identity design of brands and products, over to the curation and artistic direction of multidisciplinary art installations and performances. 

You are the mom of two beautiful girls, what do you like the most about motherhood?

I love getting to see the world through my 2 year old daughter’s eyes and her infinite curiosity. Everything is new and unprecedented- new tastes, colours, sounds, smells, concepts, places and dimensions. I love to play again, unrestricted and free and to giggle together about simple things. I love seeing my husband with my children and the family we have become. I love how wholesome parenting is, how ever challenging, how grounding, how infinite.

How did you take care of your body during pregnancy?

Having my own business allows me to work from home more frequently and the rise of Zoom during the pandemic made virtual meetings more acceptable and acceptable. Both of those factors allow me to bounce back and forth between my two roles more seamlessly.

Above all though I am blessed with two incredible business partners who are beyond supportive and made it possible for me to balance both motherhood and working world. Taking calls on my behalf, covering on emails when I’ve been held up with the girls- I am so grateful to them!

How did you style during pregnancy?

Both my girls were born in the Summer so I was lucky in that I got to wear some of my pre-existing wardrobe - wide dresses, kaftans and oversized shirts. 

The only maternity dress I owned and loved was from PALOMA- a Lisbon based maternity wear brand my friend Charlotte Chamard started.

What is your favorite kid-friendly vacation destination?

The mountains in Switzerland. We can run around in the fields in the summer, explore the forest and all its creatures, go sledging in the winter. It’s warm but never too hot, no scary insects, no fast cars or traffic around, the food is great and the air is clean.

Which Josefina bag do you have? What does it contain?

I have the Travel Bag in dark blue suede with light blue straps. It’s monogrammed with both my daughters names. Its so beautiful and straps perfectly onto my Angelcab stroller. It’s the perfect size for us! It usually includes:

-my Mac book air, phone, wallet and house keys, ear pods.

-diaper fold with nappies, 2 muslins, 3-4 dummies and wipes.

-snacks and a Baby-bottle with tea for Ava.

-colouring book, pens and a reading book for Ava (favourite is currently Smeds and Smoos and Grumpy Fairies).

-a blanket for Lita.

-an extra pair of socks for Lita (they always fall off).

Who inspires you as a mum and how?

All loving single mothers are my superheros! It’s true when they say “It takes a village”. I am fortunate to have one and would very likely struggle without it. Motherhood is the biggest blessing and privilege but it is also a physical and emotional challenge- you give your all. I want to hug every mother doing this on her own, without a break and breather in between.


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