Claudia de Pablo ‘s passion and sensibility immersed her in the world of perfumes. She has a natural gift as a nose. Among our five senses, it seems that smell has a direct connection with memories and emotions.

While living in New York she realized that she was destined to be a perfumer and she decided to launch her own perfume label, Tramuntana, where she creates personalized perfumes. Claudia is inspired by the memories of all the places she lived in: New York, Milan, Mallorca, Madrid…

Actually living in Paris, Claudia is also working as Global Head of Image & PR for the Kooples, she is the mother of almost one year old Laszlo and she is the JOSEFINA of our February issue.

When did you decide to start Tramuntana perfumes and why?

When I lived in NY a few years ago. Everybody has lots of energy over there and I felt that I had to create my own company. My husband helped me since day one and encouraged me to follow my dream. 

I was always searching for the perfect scent for myself or helping my closest friends find theirs…. for their wedding day, when they had a baby, when they felt they needed a change… and I never found the right one, so I kept on mixing essential oils with niche brands scents… so creating a bespoke perfume company made total sense!


Claudia, you are currently working for The Kooples as a producer and having your own perfume company, how do you balance your life as a couple with work and your children? Is there a secret? 

Yes it is complicated at first, but with Laszlo I go out a bit less and always manage to find time to both work and spend time with him. The secret is to be organized and get some sleep as soon as you have a minute! 

I actually think that I sleep more now.

Now that Lazlo is one year old, do you think that maternity has changed your lifestyle? 

All my family and friends used to tell me how amazing is to have a baby but you actually don´t get it until you have one. It´s the most amazing feeling I ever had in my life. And the most incredible fact is that it gets even better every day! 

What do you like the most of being a mom? 

Smelling Laszlo´s neck. 

How have you managed the changes in your body since the pregnancy? And during your pregnancy, what were your favorite styles?

I actually had a very good pregnancy. 

I felt pretty good and did not put much weight on, but the body changes so much that, for me, it was like wearing a costume. Every time I looked at myself into a mirror I was like “Oh boy! Is that me ?”, but in an admirative way. I was creating life! But I have to admit I really missed my jeans 😉

I bought 3 pairs of pregnancy jeans that I combined with large sweaters I have. And I used to borrow many pieces from my husband wardrobe. Shirts, sweaters, t-shirts… 

After the pregnancy my body was very different for the first 2 months, but then all of a sudden everything came back to normal. I was very happy to put my old jeans back on!


What are your favorite spots you go to in Paris? 

love Paris so I have too many favorite spots. For an “apero” with my friends we often go to a spot in Le Marais called St Gervais. To have diner I will say : Cibus, La Belle Epoque, Ellsworth or Le Verre Volé. 

With my baby I love to take a walk in Palais Royal, where I always stop by Café Kistune and buy a Chai Latte Tea cause it reminds me very much of NY. 

How you spend your holidays? and do you have any tips to travel with kids? 

I consider myself very lucky since I spend all my holidays (since I was born) in a small village in the island of Mallorca. I have all my friends and family over there, so its a very “kids friendly” kind of vacation, where all the kids play together and where my mom & aunts dream about staying with the kids while you go take a swim into the sea or party at night ! I´m very lucky as I said.

What’s in your JOSEFINA bag? 

JOSEFINA changed my life ! I travel with my baby quite often and since I have my JOSEFINA I never forget anything !

In my JOSEFINA I have: Diapers, Some toys, 1 or 2 bottles, 1 bib, 1 bag with a change for my baby if needed, 1 little blanket. I have to say, since I have my JOSEFINA I don´t really wear a purse so I will add to it : my keys, my wallet, my phone, my lipbalm.

What moms inspire you?

It´s funny you ask me, since I was talking about it yesterday. When I first knew I was going to have a baby boy, the first person that crossed my mind was Joana Preiss. She has a very good relationship with her son and I always admire that on her.

But my mom and my grandmother are the ones that inspire me the most in everyday basis. I now appreciate much more how gentle and generous they both are.